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"In our lessons Mel has always appreciated how vulnerable singing can be at times and how intensely it is tied to emotion, and has treated this with respect and patience. This is a space where by removing the pressure of failure and judgment Mel has allowed me to reconnect with singing for the love of it."

—  Name, Title

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Singing Lesson


Well rounded sessions based in grounded and sustainable technique, vocal colouring, musical theory, aural training and expression for the Classical or Contemporary singer ... or anywhere in between!


Catered for students anywhere from absolute beginner to formally trained.


30 mins = $50

45 mins = $60

1 hour = $70

Get in touch HERE to book a lesson today! 

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Dynamic Duo


A great option for kids, and the perfect non-threatening option if you're feeling a bit daunted by learning to sing alone - do it with a friend! Learning to make new sounds can be scary - especially for the little ones - so why not do it with your best pal by your side?


Learn your favourite duet from a Disney movie, or start learning how to harmonise with your best mate. Double the fun!

45 mins =  $40 per person

Get in touch HERE to book a lesson today! 


Performance Prep.


This lesson is based in outcome and impact for your next big audition or performance. 


We will cover repertoire selection, acting choices and story-telling through musical expression to ensure your next performance delivers the exact impact you wanted it to!


45 mins = $60

1 hour = $70

Get in touch HERE to book a lesson today! 

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